Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (born May 5, 1983) is a british actor most known for his role as Charles Brandon in The Tudors (2007-10) and Clark Kent in Man of Steel (2013).
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Henry Cavill Charity Work  - The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund and CAVILLCONSERVATION (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)  

Henry CavillClose-Up

Henry Cavill as Superman behind the scene of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

I like to go full bore into something. If you have a backup plan, then you’ve already admitted defeat.

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So cold.

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FIRST LOOK: Henry Cavill as Clark Kent on set of Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice, Friday 29th August 2014. [via Alasdair Boswell]

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Man of Steel Behind of Scenes→ Henry Cavill getting prep for the oil rig scene

Do you drink your coffee while you’re doing wire tricks?

Uh… Heh, heh. Funny.